About LoyalBlocks

LoyalBlocks provides location-based loyalty solutions for small businesses. Our goal is simple - to drive more foot-traffic to your business.

With LoyalBlocks, business owners can transform their customers’ mobile device into a loyalty card and provide them with promotions as they walk in.

LoyalBlocks requires no unique hardware and business owners can be up and running with a fully customized loyalty program in minutes.

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GET more foot traffic

Reward your customers as they walk-in

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Transform your customers' mobile into an automatic loyalty card

They'll receive your offers and rewards as soon as they walk in

start easy

Sign up to LoyalBlocks online and log on to your dashboard. This will take you 3 minutes and it's totally free

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Attract your customers with rewards

Come up with great offers like "Buy a coffee - get a donut free" You can also create virtual punch cards in seconds!

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Welcome back, Joe

Customers download the LoyalBlocks app and start getting personal rewards automatically as soon as they enter your store

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get social

Rewards are instantly shared on multiple social platforms, informing thousands of new customers of your new loyalty club

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Automatic check-ins? Sounds complicated

So not. Like we said, it's magic. All you need is an Android device in your store. (You can start without one)

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Every walk-in gets stamped automatically

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Your customers will receive them as soon as they walk in

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Walk-ins and rewards automatically become check-ins and posts on Facebook

All you need is an Android image description device in your business

Don’t have one? You can get started without it! (see how)

Getting started without an Android device:

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easy check-ins

Your customers use their phones to scan a QR code for easy check-ins and rewards

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get one free

Get to 100 club members and we’ll send you a free Android device to put you on auto pilot

Get a powerful mobile loyalty club

up and running in 5 minutes